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Welcome Winter McNamer RMT!

We're pleased to welcome Winter to the team here at Hilot Massage!

Winter is accepting new patients 


"My name is Winter McNamer, and I am a dedicated Registered Massage Therapist based in Nanaimo. Originally from interior British Columbia, I pursued my training and certification in Victoria at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy.


Through over ten years of Tai Chi practice, I have experienced transformative relaxation and alignment within my body. This personal journey inspired my dedication to studying and practicing therapeutic bodywork.


I approach each session with personalized care, drawing from my extensive training in anatomy, musculoskeletal balance, and therapeutic massage techniques to address each client's unique needs. 


I strive to provide a comfortable, inclusive, and rejuvenating environment. My goal is to empower clients to connect with their bodies and experience the profound benefits of massage therapy."

Welcome Lucas Brownson RMT!

We're pleased to welcome Lucas Brownson RMT!

Lucas, originally from Prince George, Chose Victoria as the backdrop for his educational journey. Fuelled by a passion for sports and the great outdoors, he thrives on the excitement of athletic endeavours and the serenity of nature.


Lucas is accepting new patients!

Please follow the online booking link to book an appointment with Lucas


Hilot Massage Therapy

Creating and providing personalized Registered Massage Therapy treatments that are restorative and relaxing. 

Every massage is made up of a unique combination of techniques that will help develop, maintain, rehabilitate, or augment physical function, or relieve pain or promote health. 

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